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Dulfer owns a large collection of saxophones and saxophone mouthpieces. Over the years he has tried all top brands (both vintage and modern) plus a wide range of other obscure saxophones. Conn 10M, Buescher Aristocrat, Buescher Top Hat & Cane, King Super 20, Keilwerth SX 90R, Cannonball T5 and many more. Absolute eye catcher is his fabulous black L.A. Straight tenor saxophone.  
Dulfer's Straight Tenor Sax by L.A. Sax.
He played this sax on his Toshiba/EMI album 'Papa's got a brand new sax, Dulfer Live in Japan!'

Dulfer often plays his white Selmer Super Action Series II

Dulfer uses a Shure Wireless microphone system
For a long time now, Dulfer plays exclusively Selmer tenor saxophones like his Selmer SA 80 Series I (black) and Series II (white), Selmer MK VI and Selmer (Super) Balanced Action.
This is what you call the ultimate Selmer 'Balanced Action'
Metal saxophone mouthpieces with big chambers and huge tip openings fit Dulfer's sound ideal and way of playing best. He usually plays Otto Link mouthpieces with a 10* opening. This doesn't mean he's not interested in mouthpieces of other brands and types! On the contrary, he loves trying different mouthpieces, but untill now, no other mouthpiece keeps him from blowing his favourite Otto Link pieces.
Otto Link mouthpiece
Dulfer has a fine collection mouthpieces, dominated by Otto Links, both vintage as up to date versions. Such as: Otto Link Super Tonemaster, Early Babbitt, Florida, Florida NO USA, Transitional, Long Body, Four Star, Tonemaster and Hawkins Special.
Dulfer likes to refer to the Amsterdam 'IJ-tunnel' when it comes to the big chamber size of his Otto Link